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Kurhaus, Scheveningen

De Pier, Scheveningen

Vuurtoren / Lighthouse, Scheveningen

Bakens, Scheveningen

My World Tuesday

Bedankt voor je bezoek, en een prettige dag verder.
Thanks for your visit, and have a nice day.


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Scheveningen in al zijn glorie!
Ben daar nog op vakantie geweest
en je laat me even nagenieten
met je prachtige foto’s ervan!

Wow, this post is a strange one for me. I grew up just down the road from Scheveningen back in the 1970s and can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent there, on the beach and on the pier. Some of the things look very different – I don’t recall the building in the first photo at all. The pier looks similar but more modern, although the tower at the end is exactly as I remember it. And those two lighthouses, at the entrance to the harbor if I remember, are crystal clear in my memory. I was out by the closer one during a storm one time when a huge wave crashed over, everyone hid behind the lighthouse as a wall went by on both sides. Everyone raced back to shore after that!

Do they still have the barrel organs, and chips and mayonnaise for sale? They used to set up trampolines by the pier for the kids in the summer. I’d love to make it back one of these years.

Thanks for bringing back an incredible rush of memories – this is my favorite post of the year from anyone so far!

What a fantastic post for the day, Bram! Your photos are superb! And what a beautiful place, lovely skies, magnificent buildings! I love them all, particularly the lighthouse! Thanks for sharing the beauty of your world! And thanks as always for your visit and kind words! Enjoy your week!


Mooie serie Bram !!
De prachtige luchten hadden het ook heel goed gedaan bij Skywatch… ;-)))
Het is echt genieten bij onze Scheveningen…
Lieve groetjes Anna

This looks like a very magical place. What lovely and unique structures. The final photograph is especially beautiful and should be made into a poster or published somehow. Just gorgeous. ~karen

Hoi Bram,
Wat een prachtige opnames.
Die van het Kurhaus en de pier, maar
zeker ook de laatste foto vind ik helemaal top!

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